The Washington Times - October 10, 2007, 10:55AM
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•••\ \ In other news: We think the Roberto Cavalli maternity wear that J.Lo is sporting looks ever so cute. We have interviewed said fashion god — yes, there was an interpreter there to augment his Italian — and we found him to be such a delight. Cavalli loves women, and his stuff for Jenny’s tour really is working for her. Didya know her little husband, Skeletor, has a thang for Kentucky Fried Chicken? He needs to eat a lot more of that stuff.\ \
•••\ \ You can find anyone on this site. Loving it.\ \
•••\ \ We are so delighted that caramel apple cider is back at Starbucks. We’ll drink it all winter, too.\ \
•••\ \ Our sick snoopy spaniel deluxe is having a good week. She is hanging in at age 12. Dogs have to be among God’s greatest inventions, no? So many lessons for us all.\ \
•••\ \ To all these automotive strikes by American manufacturers … snooze. Whatever (making W with hands gesture). Your union stranglehold is over. You’ve tanked your industry and are now eclipsed by Toyota, et. al. Get over yourselves. Your model for employment is done. ZZZZZZZ … go ahead and strike. No one will notice. ZZZZZ.\ \
•••\ \ Our ultra-secret guilty viewing pleasure: “Gossip Girl.” We quite like it.\ \ \ — Andrea Billups, The Washington Times