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Sad Michigan

It is sad to see the families -- in some cases, generations -- who have proudly constructed Ford, Chrysler and other U.S. brands, who are now struggling financially and making decisions about whether to leave for areas that are prospering.

The education Bush -- Brother Jeb helms national reform

Last weekend, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush hosted a national summit on education reform in Florida. It didn’t receive a lot of media attention. As the presidential campaign continues to gather steam, Midwest weather continues to wreak havoc and world hotspots continue to frazzle, the education agenda remains on the back burner where it has pretty much rested for the past few years.

Folks just like us

If Iraq is a far-off place and the war, a hostile and politicized diversion, we were reminded today that there is humanity and understanding amidst the cultural divide. We received email from a pal who'd received correspondence with a Marine, whose post was to work with families there. We don't divulge his name or his specific location, but we offer up his thoughts. The more people seem different, he learns, the more we are all the same.

Our foodie moment

What if Hillary and Barack just decided amongst themselves that they\0x2019d take a couple of day...