The Washington Times - October 11, 2007, 12:57PM
Marilyn Manson
•••\ \ The Goo Goo Dolls headlined a fundraiser for Mrs. Bill Clinton. That was harsh. Johnny Rzeznik has long been on our list of how shall we say. … rockers we admire (wink, nudge). Mebbe they just played this gig for the money. We hope so.\ \
•••\ \ Jimmy Carter is becoming like an SNL character — angry old guy. Seriously. Whaddya think about his teeing off on our Big Daddy Dick Cheney, calling him a “militant” and a “disaster.” Mebbe all those peanuts have caused some brain damage. If we had his track record in office, we wouldn’t be throwing all those political stones. His criticism abroad diminishes his position. It really does.\ \
•••\ \ We also like it that Big Daddy is sticking with his guns on Rumsfeld. We sure do miss the Rummy press conferences. He was cinematic. BTW: Does he still have his little dog Reggie?\ \
•••\ \ Somewhere out there across the globe, someone is making a Burka Barbie. You remember how Linda Blair’s head spun around in “The Exorcist.” Yep… that’s exactly what is happening to us here. Barbie is supposed to look sexy, Western and iconic. Double AS IF.\ \
•••\ \ That marriage to the young blonde animal activist is gonna cost Sir Paul McCartney a pile of Beatles money, by some estimates $120 million. Apparently “All you need is love” — AND a big settlement agreement. We think this was totally a rebound after losing Linda. We really do. We feel sad for Macca. His little girl looks cute, tho, and we do like his older daughter Stella’s clothes.\ \
•••\ \ That actress Michelle Rodriquez sure do like to get her swerve on. She’s had more DUI arrests than most of Hollywood. She’s a tough chick, tho, saying publicly that she can handle the jail time. Perhaps she could bunk up with Keifer Sutherland, who also seems a committed bar hound.\ \ \ — Andrea Billups, Washington Times