The Washington Times - September 12, 2007, 10:39AM
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  • Yes\
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  • Holding him down on the tracks\ \ \ So, Katie Couric‘s Iraq location shoot got the same ratings as the Three’s Company reunion show in 1985. We are not surprised. Sending her over there into the war zone is like watching the president of Tri-Delta try to run the UN Security Council. Big snaps to the delegate from Zimbabwe. Seriously …. it’s just not a believable scenario and CBS has gotta realize that folks don’t want to see Katie covered up in dusty khaki. They want legs, fluff and her flirting shamelessly on the couch with young celebs like Kenny Chesney — like she did on Today. Bring back Bob Schieffer. He was old school, he wasn’t a gimmick — and that’s how we like our TV news. With some ACTUAL news.\ \ \ Our totally fabulous fashion gift for you because fall is coming and you MUST look cute.\ \ \ Probably the greatest fun we have had in years is going out to a high school football game in some small town where we know no one and watching the game. It’s America at its finest — and also, the hotdogs are cheap.\ \ \ Listen up, District-ites: If all that legislating, lawmaking, punditry and governmental self-absorption gets you down, we recommend this solution to set your soulless souls to rights: pop in over at Rosa Mexicana. Order a frosty pomegranate margarita — or a couple — and some of that quacamole that they mash up fresh tableside. If that doesn\0x2019t turn your black hearts pink, nothing’s gonna.\ \ \ The dollar has hit an all-time low against the Euro — which in Miss Andrea terms means the Furla purses and Ferragamo shoes just cost us more once we get to Italy. Sigh. Those Europeans always get in the way of our quality, discount shopping.\ \ \ Putin … in addition to looking mushy without a shirt on (we really wish all those beefy world leaders would stop getting naked for the photo ops — it reminds of us this nightmare we had once about Al Gore). We’re not sure we trust him. We can’t put a finger on it. But we don’t. It is why we have not converted our bomb shelter in the basement to a hair salon.\ \ \ Andrea Billups, The Washington Times