The Washington Times - September 7, 2007, 12:13PM
  • Burberry double-breasted coat\ \

  • Donald J. Pliner alligator-print boots\ \ We are also loving the Nars powder blush in Orgasm. Yes, that’s a real color. We never make things up.\ \ \ And finally: We’ve been holding ourselves back on this one, but we cannot suppress any longer, so here goes: a fan letter, the first won we’ve written since Donny Osmond.\ \ \
    Dear Mrs. Nancy Pelosi:\ \ \ Ma’am, you are a style goddess. No, we don’t often agree with your choices legislatively, but … bygones, in the name of good grooming. Oh sure, we know all about that lawmaking stuff you do over on the Hill, but really. Let’s talk appearances and photo ops. How is that you always look so right? Minimal makeup, good hair, “it” photographs, you know. You’ve moved far away from the Ann Taylor set with those low-to-the-ground Ferragamo pumps that all the little D.C. girls wear, pretending to be functional when really looking drab. No, everywhere you go, you look so nice, so fresh, so darned appropriate, and we know how hard it is to pull off in the confines of Washington, where fashion amounts to a once-around at Brooks Brothers. AS IF. Your hair, the face-lift (just the right amount of eyebrow tautness), your suits — it all works so well, we can hardly believe you are a grandmother. And yet, we suppose that if we had a closet full of Armani we’d make fewer mistakes of our own. But you — every day you set the bar higher, and every outfit, a calculated vignette of fabulosity. \ \ \ To wit: May we fondle your closet, please?\ \ \ We could not love you more.\ Your fan, Miss Andrea
    \ \ \ Andrea Billups, national political reporter