The Washington Times - June 3, 2008, 09:59PM

The rain began falling just before this game started, and it’s already causing problems. The Nats committed two errors in the top of the first (one when Felipe Lopez dropped a routine throw from Odalis Perez, the other when a ball skipped right past left fielder Ryan Langerhans). Plate umpire Dana DeMuth took a header running down to first base to make a call (he still managed to signal out from his knees). Oh, and the Cardinals are up 4-0. A check of the radar shows a ton of rain still to come. Why did they bother starting this game? Seriously. This has disaster written all over it. As the home team, the Nats get to decide whether to start the game. Once it’s underway, it’s the umpires’ call. If they manage to play nine innings tonight, I’ll be stunned. (Or sleep-deprived, because it’ll probably be 3 a.m. before everything clears out.)