The Washington Times - April 16, 2009, 08:38PM

Well, this is the position the Nats want to be in: Up 3-2 heading into the seventh inning, having gotten a quality start from Shairon Martis and a 3-run homer from Adam Dunn.

Now the big question: Can they hang on and actually win their first game of the season?


The Nats got to this point thanks to one early blast from Dunn and a really nice outing from Martis, just when they needed it most. After getting roughed up by the Braves in his season debut, Martis has gone back to basics. He’s been aggressive in going after hitters, not wasting pitches and just throwing strikes. Through six innings, he threw only 83 pitches. Just what the doctor ordered.

And as we head to the seventh, it looks like Martis will be staying in! The Phillies have the 8-9-1 hitters coming up. I would think Martis will face Lou Marson, then force Charlie Manuel to send up a left-handed pinch-hitter (Matt Stairs?) at which point Manny Acta will hand the ball to Mike Hinckley. We’re about to find out…