The Washington Times - April 17, 2009, 08:08PM

We’re scoreless through three innings here at Nationals Park, in large part because of how strong John Lannan has been. He hasn’t allowed a hit through three innings, has struck out four batters and had just one ball hit out of the infield. He’s doing everything well that he did last year: Commanding his fastball, pounding the strike zone and working quickly.

Now to the weird stuff: Apparently, the Nationals’ jersey supplier messed up on a shipment somewhere, because the “O” in Nationals is missing from both Ryan Zimmerman’s and Adam Dunn’s jersey. No word yet on whether the Orioles pulled a Dems-on-W-type prank by removing all the O’s, but something strange is going on with a couple uniforms tonight.


Also, Nationals (or is it Natinals?) manager Manny Acta got tossed after the third inning for arguing balls and strikes with home plate umpire Tim Timmons. Acta only came out from the dugout to argue with Timmons after he had already been tossed, so he must have said something from the dugout. In any case, it’s rare for him to get tossed from a game (only the second of his tenure with the Nationals, in fact), so we’ll have to get clarification on that later.

That’s all for now. Maybe the next three innings will be more normal.