The Washington Times - April 28, 2009, 08:06PM

Doesn’t look like we’re going to get the first look at the Nats’ new late-inning relief plan tonight, at least not by the way the first three innings have gone. Philadelphia leads 5-0, all of the runs coming in the third inning off a pair of home runs by Chase Utley and Pedro Feliz.

The Feliz homer, though, might not have happened if not for another fielding error by Alberto Gonzalez at shortstop. He couldn’t hande a grounder deep in the hole at short with two out in the third, allowing Jayson Werth to reach safely. Would have been a tough play if he’d handled it cleanly, but Gonzalez didn’t help himself.


Lannan missed with a couple of sliders on the homers, and wasn’t exactly sharp before that.

Oh, just in case you’re interested, here’s a MLB Trade Rumors post analyzing what relievers might be available in a trade. Seems like a lot of buyers out there. Any names interest you in the first paragraph of the answer?