The Washington Times - April 29, 2009, 08:03PM

The Nationals look more competitive in this one than they did last night, but where that will get them remains to be seen.

Aside from one mistake—a high fastball to Shane Victorino—Scott Olsen has been pretty good. The velocity on his fastball is up to 90 mph, and while that’s not quite where it should be yet, it’s a couple ticks on the radar gun higher than it’s been.


He’s thrown 46 pitches through three innings, and if he can get through the lineup smoothly the second time, he could put the Nats in line to get him his first win.

The Nats, though, have yet to crack Brett Myers, who’s already walked three batters. They loaded the bases with a double (and an impressive piece of baserunning) by Anderson Hernandez, followed by two walks, and scored when Ryan Zimmerman drew a walk for a run. But Adam Dunn flew to left to end the inning. That’s the kind of inning the Nats need to bust open. They’ve shown an ability to do it with home runs at times, but it’d be nice to see a string of three or four base hits in a row.