The Washington Times - July 30, 2009, 01:43PM

Josh Willingham was pulled from the lineup shortly before today’s Nationals-Brewers game. On July 30. With his name circulating heavily in trade rumors.

And he’s out with a stiff neck. What, you were expecting something different?


The Nats don’t appear to have struck a deal to ship the hot-hitting veteran out for a package of prospects—at least not yet. I would be surprised if they move Willingham unless they get bowled over with an offer. But it’s a little hard to see that now, since most of the teams pushing for Willingham (the Giants and Phillies, primarily) have already moved prospects out in other trades. The Tigers could still be a possible destination with the right offer.

If anything changes, I’ll report back with more. With Willingham out, the Nats’ lineup now looks like this:

Morgan CF

Guzman SS

Johnson 1B

Dunn LF

Zimmerman 3B

Harris RF

Nieves C

Hernandez 2B

Martin P