The Washington Times - November 13, 2011, 04:25PM

A Prince George’s County town ended its contract with a speed camera vendor after cameras caught a bicycle going 57 mph. What’s up with that?




“They should have [speed cameras] but they need to be more accurate. You don’t want someone getting run over. You want to be safe, not sorry.”

Tiffany Giuliani, 27, Dupont Circle, usher







“That’s a conundrum. I think they have to do a complete reassessment of the company and everything from the calibration to the statistics to see how it had been working all that time; what kind of external monitoring did this company own?”

Joe Shott, 30, Dupont Circle, quality assurance specialist






“Everything for that intersection where the bike was clocked, all the tickets should be revisited and everything from the last time the camera was calibrated, any tickets established should be revisited and refunded.”

George Anderson, 30, IT, Fairfax, management






“I don’t mind speed cameras, but there needs to be a better mechanism to fight them.”

Karyn-Siobhan Robinson, age not given, Dupont Circle, account representative