The Washington Times - July 7, 2008, 10:32PM

Several of you have written me asking what  has  happened to the Civil War Page which used to appear each Saturday — in fact The Times was the only paper of general circulation in the entire country to run a page on the war each and every week! Some of you think it’s gone, some are concerned, and it  just is time to clear the air on the change, which you may have missed in the paper when it was announced.

In keeping with some of the excellent changes and new look of our paper, the Saturday edition was discontinued. The Civil War page content continues, however, and feeling that there was also interest in the other wars and conflicts involving our country, the page now is under the heading of America’s Wars, and will be carrying stories and articles of interest involving other wars as well as our own civil war, each and every Thursday in the  section entitled “Plugged In.”


Greg Pierce who has done so much for civil war interest for the last number of years continues to lead it, and all of us regular writers and contributors are still striving to bring  you the best and most interesting of civil war stories that we can find.

So…… be looking each and every Thursday, check the “Plugged In” section and enjoy the articles.