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P.O. Box 260, 7853 Main Street, Middletown, VA  (540) 869-1776

August 29- September 26, Robert E. Lee and John Brown, Lighting the Fuse, 
        Written by Warner Crocker                    


      An original play with music that brings Robert E. Lee and John Brown together at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.  The story chronicles their respective journey’s to reach the climax and ends with Lee’s agonizing soul-searching, refusal to accept command of the Union Army.  Two men, who loved their Country and responded in different ways.  The story is underscored by the complexity of the men’s decisions.     

      (Thur, Fri, Sat @ 8:00 PM; Wed Sat, & Sun matinees @ 2:30 PM)   
      Performances at Wayside Theatre, 7853 Main Street, Middletown, VA

Cost is Friday and Saturday Evening $30.00, Thursday Evening or Matinees $25.00. 
Children ages 5-17 is $10.00 for any performance.

GROUP Booking 
Groups of 20+ people for Thursday or matinees the group cost is $22.00 per person. 
Friday Evening group of 20+ persons is $25.00 each.

Cephe F. Place 
Sales & Outreach Coordinator 
Wayside Theatre 
P.O. Box 260 
Middletown, VA 22645 
(540) 869-1776 
2009-2010 Season Subscription Now Available