The Washington Times - February 8, 2009, 03:57PM

Even though it is not Civil War related, an old veteran celebrated his 108th birthday on February 1, and even though the greetings might be a few days late, he would probably appreciate them just the same.

What makes this so great? He is the lone surviving WWI Combat Veteran in America, and his story is that of an American Hero.


He is the Last Man Standing, after those millions of his fellow Soldiers, Sailors Marines and Coast Guardsmen have gone on before, and we do not expect Frank  Buckles to live forever. You will be making history just by being among those who send him a greeting. This is one of those events that happen but once in all of History, and you can be a part of it.

His address is:

Frank Buckles

Gap View Farm

Route 6, Box 127

Charles Town, WV 25414

I know he will appreciate the cards, notes or whatever.  Few live to be 108.


— Martha