The Washington Times - February 9, 2009, 05:23PM

From an AP Release:

New round of Confederate disputes hits Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss. — Confederate President Jefferson Davis, branded a traitor in his own country, is memorialized at statehouses across the South. But not in Mississippi, where he lived out his remaining days.
A bill to accept a statue of Davis from the Sons of Confederate Veterans is the latest skirmish in the long battle over Confederate history, often fought on Southern Capitol lawns and rotundas.
“If there ever was a time it would be untimely and inappropriate, it would be now,” said Mississippi Rep. Robert Johnson, a black Democrat from the historic river city of Natchez.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been shopping for a home for the Davis statue for over a year. It was first offered to a Civil War history center in Richmond, Va., the former capital of the Confederacy. But the Confederate group later rescinded the offer because the center wasn’t sure where the statue would be placed.
The statue depicts Davis holding the hands of two children — his son and a black slave who was adopted by the Davis family.

Mississippi is one of only a few Southern states that doesn’t have a statue of Davis somewhere on Statehouse grounds, said Larry McCluney of Greenwood, a division commander for the Confederate group.
“He’s overlooked and misunderstood because of the four years of the Confederacy,” McCluney said.
A fellow Democratic lawmaker from Natchez, Sen. Bob Dearing, who is white, introduced the legislation and said he didn’t consider it controversial.

The chances of the statue’s finding a home at the Mississippi Capitol are slim. The Senate passed a version of the statue bill that would restore a Confederate monument that already exists at the Old State Capitol, now a museum.

The original proposal could have resulted in Davis’ statue standing near the spot once occupied by a bronze figure of Theodore Bilbo, an unabashed racist governor whose political career was mired in scandal.

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What’s your thoughts on this question? Should Mississippi accept the statue?  Should an acceptable home have been found BEFORE it was made?  Where does Pres. Davis go now?

Interesting to think  that today, February 9, is the anniversary of the inauguration of Jefferson Davis as the Confederacy’s only President.