The Washington Times - August 29, 2007, 07:43PM
Ralph Friedgen

\ “I don’t have many to give so I’ve had a long line outside my door asking for scholarships,” Friedgen said. “I have to look to see who’s spent the most time in the program and who’s made the most contributions. Where I can award one, I will.”\


\ Friedgen declined to say how many he had at his disposal, but by my count he has one extra scholarship remaining. That’s a subplot that should shake out soon enough.\

\ Speaking of walk-ons, another 15 or 16 came out as classes began (along with Southern Cal transfer Antwine Perez). There was an extra dude running around with what I call an Elliot Ness jersey (since guys wearing them are supposed to be untouchable) and I asked Ralph about that.\

\ “One of them was a quarterback,” Friedgen said. “‘Bout as tall as you.”\

\ According to my driver’s license, I’m 5-foot-8, and we all know what that means. Of course, there might be some legitimacy to it; my ID doesn’t say my name is McLovin.\ \0x2014 Patrick Stevens