The Washington Times - December 9, 2007, 07:00PM
I flew out to San Francisco on Thursday. It took me seven hours to fly out there because of the headwinds. I got up at 5, had an 8:35 flight, got out there at 4:30, something like that. We went and did the TV and radio and print media. Then they had a social with all the sponsors. Then it’s like 9 o’clock their time but it’s 12 o’clock my time and now we’re having dinner. So I was starting to really get tired.\ \ \ We went back to the hotel and I had a 7:55 flight so I had to be up at 5. I wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning because it’s 5 o’clock our time. Now I can’t go back to sleep. Then I fly in and I get to Dulles and of course it takes me two hours to get home. I get home at 6 o’clock, freshen up, get in the car and go down to the ESPN Zone because that’s where all the recruits were. Then get up the next morning and we have to go through our weekend.\ \ \ We had practice and then I met with four kids yesterday, had dinner at the social afterwards and went home. I was gonna get up and go to church at 7:30 and I couldn’t get out of bed. I’m gonna go tonight. I got in and had an appointment at 9 o’clock. I have not eaten anything today. I saw seven prospects today, got finished, had a staff meeting, went out to practice. That’s my life these days.
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