The Washington Times - November 11, 2007, 05:27PM
Patrick Stevens

\ And that means there’s a lot of discussion of Maryland football and Maryland basketball. Count on some national and regional basketball discussions tossed in for good measure (I have a vote in the AP basketball poll and will include a top 40 countdown every week after I file my ballot), and some lacrosse talk as well once we get closer to the spring.\


\ Before then, though? There’s plenty to dissect and talk about. And it would be even better with some very welcome comments and participation from all of you. Feel free to fire away with questions for me, questions I should be asking Ralph or Gary, questions about why I have Duke ranked in basketball and not Maryland, questions about teams you think I should be writing about or just some random thoughts on the state of affairs in college athletics. It’s all highly encouraged.\

\ Folks (OK, I promise that’s the last Brent Musburger homage for this entry), in the college game (OK, I lied) there’s a lot to shoot the breeze about it. It’d be great for this to evolve into a place many fans —- Maryland and otherwise —- congregate to banter about whatever’s on your mind.\

\ Feel free to drop me a line any time. This can be fun, intense and exciting, but hopefully not one-sided. That’s the best-case scenario when you shift to one game when another one ends. The same is true in the blogosphere.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens