The Washington Times - November 18, 2007, 04:52PM

\ First, when he was asked if Chris Turner would start this week, he said “probably so.” More on that in the print edition tomorrow.\

\ Who’s hurting? Well, the answer to that, as always, is “Who isn’t?” Tailback Lance Ball and safety Christian Varner both have grade 1 MCL injuries, but Ralph expects them to probably be ready. Linebacker Erin Henderson (back) is still hurting. Tackle Scott Burley (ankle) is worse off; his backup, Bruce Campbell (ankle), is a bit better.\


\ Might as well toss a suspension in there as well. I asked Ralph whether tight end Drew Gloster was hurting, given his absence from warmups and some special teams units yesterday in Tallahassee.\

\ “Gloster is dealing with a suspension,” Friedgen said. \

\ “Anything specific there?” I asked.\

\ “Uh, I really don’t want to get into that, OK?” Friedgen said.\

\ Well, it’d be nice to get into it a little. So I asked (perhaps foolishly) if it was any coach’s favorite life preserver in this kind of case: a “violation of team rules.”\

\ “Um, yeah,” Ralph said.\

\ Good times. It’s a two-game suspension, so Gloster won’t play this week, either. Defensive back Jamari McCollough replaced him on the kickoff return unit.\

\ More later on, but I got to get tomorrow’s story cranked out.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens