The Washington Times - November 18, 2007, 09:45PM
Jordan Steffy

\ “What might have happened on that was when the series end I turned to [Jordan] Steffy and said ‘You’re going in’ and John might have been on the phone with Chris. … Usually right after the series, John gets off my line and goes on a line with Chris,” Friedgen said.\


\ I’m not sure that answered my question, but I didn’t bother to follow up since there were other items to discuss (that was my error). Ralph’s reply would seem to be an indication that Donovan wasn’t immediately told Steffy was going in which, while probably not ideal, wouldn’t be too scary on its own. But Turner specifically described a situation in which he benched and still was asked about what he saw.\

\ It’s hard to believe Ralph would be intentionally evasive on this topic. He usually breaks down his reasons for making a play call, making a player switch, etc., about as honestly as could be expected. A lot of the time, his reasoning makes sense. At other times, it seems like a bit of a stretch. But it’s almost always out there, and from a reporter’s point of view you have to respect that a great deal. It’s a lot better than a derivative of “Because I said so.”\

\ More likely than anything is that Ralph doesn’t have the answer to how a QBs coach didn’t know which QB was in the game. Friedgen and his staff are mere mortals, not Olympians, but it has to be very troubling that a man Ralph entrusts to provide a set of eyes in the sky did not know who was handling the ball for three straight plays.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens