The Washington Times - November 18, 2007, 11:32AM

\ Who is the quarterback? It’s a can of worms Ralph Friedgen opened on his own heading into the N.C. State game by yanking Chris Turner in the first half yesterday at Florida State?\


\ Can Maryland bounce back and become bowl eligible? Sure, why not. You never know which Maryland team will show up. Maybe an above-average one makes the trip to Raleigh on Saturday.\

\ How does a quarterbacks coach not know who’s playing quarterback? That’s a heck of a riddle, but it clearly shows either incompetence or dysfunction. I’m willing to give the parties involved credit for being smart enough to be where they are, so the safe bet is that it is dysfunction. At the same time, is the dysfunction systemic? And how can it get fixed?\

\ Are there any new injuries lurking beneath the surface? Who could be back this week?\

\ Who gets excited when the road to Boise (or maybe San Francisco or Charlotte) goes through Raleigh?\

\ And most of all, who’s still paying attention to this team’s yo-yo act?\

\ —- Patrick Stevens