The Washington Times - November 18, 2007, 12:26PM
Tony Danza

\ That doesn’t mean Maryland knows who will be at that critical position next week.\


\ Scott Burley last a quarter this week before he left for good because of his sprained ankle. Bruce Campbell made it into the fourth quarter before his day was done. Paul Pinegar finished things out.\

\ This isn’t baseball, though, and just because Paul Pinegar is finishing games doesn’t mean he’s Mariano Rivera. He’s probably closer to the long man who comes in to start the 13th inning and will stay out there until someone finally puts an end to the madness —- even if it takes another seven innings.\

\ Well, sometimes the long man gets a spot start. There was a thought it could happen a couple weeks back when Boston College visited. Burley made it through three quarters that night. But Ralph Friedgen sure didn’t sound optimistic about his left tackle situation yesterday, so it could end up occurring in the finale.\

\ “I don’t know. The more they play, the worse they get right now from an injury standpoint,” Friedgen said. “I don’t know if they\0x2019ll even be back next week.”\

\ It could be worse for Maryland. Two years ago in the season finale, N.C. State unleashed Mario Williams on seldom-used redshirt freshman Dane Randolph, and the results were predictably not fun for the Terps. Quarterback Sam Hollenbach saw a lot of green that day with body repeatedly planted in the grass, and Williams wound up seeing another kind of green about five months later on draft day.\

\ There isn’t a player of Williams’ caliber lurking for the Wolfpack this year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a N.C. State defensive end won’t end up being the boss by the end of Saturday’s game.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens