The Washington Times - November 19, 2007, 07:01PM

\ Would you believe technological Armageddon?\

\ Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But it’s a minor miracle I’m writing this just after tip-off. No wireless Internet access + no phone lines = A sudden urge to invest in carrier pigeons.\


\ Also not great here: Either the acoustics, or the UCLA band. One or the other. It doesn’t help that every musical critic in the arena can be heard. This crowd has all the charm of the group assembled at noon in Buffalo back in March.\

\ Maryland’s already down 9-2, and it doesn’t look good for the long term. UCLA is relentlessly badgering the Terps, as is the Bruins’ wont. It could be a very long night for the Terpies.\

\ But at least the Internet is working so you can get some additional color in real time.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens