The Washington Times - November 2, 2007, 09:19AM

\ Well, maybe it was 20 years ago or so when William “Refrigerator” Perry lined up there for the Chicago Bears.\

\ But it’s going to be hard to miss Maryland’s Cory Jackson, who is playing with a broken left hand, this weekend. He underwent surgery last week and missed a game against Clemson, but should play tomorrow at North Carolina.\


\ It will be very obvious who Jackson is; he’s the guy with the big honking cast on his hand.\

\ If a fight broke out tomorrow, I’d want him on my side. That cast looks like it could do a lot of damage as a blunt object.\

\ Ralph Friedgen’s biggest worry about it? Seeing if Jackson can be involved in the passing game as a potential receiver.\

\ So what’s the verdict?\

\ “Yeah, he has,” Friedgen said. “Actually, Ray [Rychleski]’s had him fielding kickoffs.”\

\ That’s an emergency plan. A one-armed man is a great plot device. A one-handed kick returner is courting disaster.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens