The Washington Times - November 4, 2007, 04:52PM

\ Special teams performer Drew Robinson … done for the year.\

\ Tackles Scott Burley and Bruce Campbell are both doubtful for Saturday’s game against Boston College with ankle injuries. Burley is hobbling around on two bum ankles, and there are very few sports where that would not be a liability. Football is not one of those sports.\


\ Linebacker Erin Henderson’s back has stiffened up on him today. Guard Jack Griffin is nursing a shoulder injury; that means he fits in well on that banged up offensive line.\

\ Otherwise, a fairly slow news day. Ralph talked some about the depth in the program —- more on that in a Sunday leftovers blog to come —- and was also asked yet again if he would be reluctant to insert Jordan Steffy because of the risk of another concussion behind a thin offensive line.\

\ We heard the same “do what I gotta do to win” spiel and then a re-iteration of how it was better to have an experienced backup instead of the plight from a few weeks ago.\

\ But then Ralph added this, which he has alluded to before and is tacitly been understood to be a basic truth about the situation.\

\ “I would like for our line to be a little bit more solid,” Friedgen said. “Without a left tackle, I have concerns for the boy.”\

\ So unless Burley gets healthy or Turner is either incapacitated or downright awful, today’s message is a possible Steffy return to the field this month is unlikely.\

\ Of course, Ralph could say something completely different (and still mean it) come Tuesday. Stay tuned.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens\ \