The Washington Times - October 11, 2007, 08:21PM

\ Jerome Burney was that player last year for Maryland basketball. A foot injury kept him out at the start of the season, and eventually it got to the point it made more sense for him to redshirt and gain strength than to play.\

\ So it wasn’t entirely a lost year, but still a bit frustrating. But the injury has come back to help Burney in an unusual place - an anatomy class.\


\ “When it came to the foot, I basically knew the metatarsal, the calcaneus, the talus,” Burney said. “I knew all those parts. The foot part wasn’t too difficult.”\

\ For those who constantly wanted a Burney update last year, he is finally at full health and ready to contribute. The once reed-thin forward has bulked up to 223 pounds, and wants to get himself up to 235 pounds. That might not be the easiest thing.\

\ “Those last 10 are going to be pretty hard to gain. I didn’t gain any lower-body weight. It’s all upper-body weight. People have said ‘Man, Jerome, your arms are getting bigger.’ I really can’t tell, but at the end I could see.”\

\ —- Patrick Stevens