The Washington Times - October 12, 2007, 08:59AM
Bruce Campbell

\ Campbell spent last year at Hargrave Military Academy, so he’s a year older than the rest of the Terps’ freshman. And he is, it’s safe to say, a large human being – a muscular 6-foot-7, 285 pounds. He would have fit in nicely at a table with Braxton Dupree yesterday at basketball media day.\


\ Campbell might be the bright spot of the week for Friedgen, whose attempts to unearth useful parts for the second half of this season mostly went for naught.\

\ “I’m trying to make some players,” Friedgen said. “I’ve taken our second and third team and worked the hell out of them. I don’t know if there’s anything there. A lot of kids aren’t ready to play. I think Campbell’s ready to play, and I think that’s a plus for us. Lamar Young showed some signs yesterday and we gave him some more work today, and [Stephen] St. John also, but they struggled against better competition. We’re kind of in a bind, a real bind. You just have to play the cards you’re dealt and do the best you can do.”\

\ So here’s a quick list of the guys it seems like Maryland would be willing to rotate at each position on the line:\

\ LT: Scott Burley, Bruce Campbell, Dane Randolph\ LG: Jaimie Thomas, Phil Costa, maybe Paul Pinegar\ C: Edwin Williams, Phil Costa\ RG: Phil Costa, Jack Griffin\ RT: Dane Randolph, Jack Griffin\

\ That only leaves so many combinations to work with. The upshot of Campbell being ready is the ability to keep Dane Randolph at right tackle (where he is clearly more effective) and spell him occasionally with Griffin. It also means Griffin becomes the key for finding some rest for Thomas, Williams and Costa, since he can take over at right guard and either allow Costa to shift elsewhere or simply get a breather himself.\

\ – Patrick Stevens