The Washington Times - October 24, 2007, 09:01AM

\ Anyway, 14 players who began camp on Maryland’s two-deep will have missed games by the time Saturday’s game against Clemson rolls around, with Mack Frost, Cory Jackson and Jaimie Thomas all out for this week.\


\ It got me thinking (in what will probably send Mary Shelley spinning in her grave) about how you could probably create a decent player just out the ailing joints and bones the Terps have endured this season. There’s plenty of parts to choose from, and I’d pay pretty good money to hear Ralph say “It’s alive.”\

\ Plus, it goes without saying the Terps could use the extra body at this juncture. The most welcome news this week was that quarterback Jordan Steffy looked better in practice Monday and that right guard Andrew Crummey could be back from his broken fibula in the next-to-last game of the regular season.\

\ I’ll believe in a good break injury-wise for this bunch when I see it.\

\ (Side story on Crummey. He was sporting a new pair of crutches at practice yesterday, and the lower part of his left leg remains in a cast. He was also wearing what I like to call the Clara Barton jersey featuring a red cross, which I think was sort of superfluous given the crutches and cast).\

\ Anyway, here’s the full list of potential contributors who have been sidelined for various reasons, with games lost so far. (*-out for season)\

\ LB Chase Bullock (ankle): 4\ LB Rick Costa (concussion): 1\ G Andrew Crummey (fibula): 1\ DE Mack Frost (knee): 0*\ LB Erin Henderson (knee): 1\ DT Travis Ivey (knee): 1*\ FB Cory Jackson (hand): 0\ QB Josh Portis (ineligible): 7*\ KR Da\0x2019Rel Scott (ankle): 1\ WR Stephen Smalls (ribs): 1\ QB Jordan Steffy (concussion): 2\ CB Richard Taylor (knee): 7\ G Jaimie Thomas (fibula): 0*\ LB Alex Wujciak (knee): 7*\

\ —- Patrick Stevens