The Washington Times - October 24, 2007, 11:17AM

\ The first question dealt with the quarterback situation, and it looks like Friedgen might have some answers there.\


\ “Jordan Steffy practiced yesterday and I think he will be OK to play,” Friedgen said.\

\ That’s a bit more than the couched optimism of yesterday. Steffy has not played since suffering a concussion late in the first half against Rutgers on Sept. 29.\

\ So who would start if Steffy was cleared by Saturday?\

\ “I haven’t made that determination yet,” Friedgen said.\

\ Well, that isn’t anything new. Friedgen has made comments of that ilk ever since Steffy went down last month.\

\ One other comment worth passing along dealt with the decision to punt on fourth down in the middle of the fourth quarter in Saturday’s loss to Virginia. Maryland punted, then yielded a seven-minute touchdown drive and ran only one more offensive play.\

\ I haven’t got around to posting Ralph’s thoughts on that play, but now that I’ve heard it three times and the question doesn’t seem to be going away, here was what he had to say in response to Jeff White of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.\

\ “I thought about it pretty strongly,” Friedgen said. “Thinking back, I think that was the right move. We kicked it down to the 10 and there was seven minutes left in the game. What influenced me was that they didn’t make it on inches in two tries [in the previous possession]. I wanted to give them a long field and hoped to get the ball back. Maybe it wasn’t the right move, maybe it was. I probably would do the same thing again. It was the percentage move.”\

\ Guess Ralph had better stay away from Vegas or Atlantic City for a while; when playing the percentages isn’t working, you know you’re snakebit.\

\ – Patrick Stevens