The Washington Times - October 28, 2007, 02:36PM

\ He was asked about an unsportsmanlike conduct call on Christian Varner late in the first half. Varner sacked Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper and flexed his right arm toward the Maryland bench. Referee Ron Cherry happened to be there, too, and quickly walked off 15 yards for the Tigers. Clemson kicked a field goal on the next play to make it 20-3 at the break.\


\ “I’m not allowed to talk about calls,” Friedgen said before breaking into a wry smirk. “Head coaches are not allowed to express their opinion. It’s an ACC rule. It’s a Communist league.”\

\ It’s worth asking around: Are you or have you ever been a supporter of ACC officiating?\

\ After watching the league closely for nearly a decade, chances are it will take a HUAC-style witch hunt to find anyone even remotely guilty of such thinking.\

\ How about coming up with a lookalike contest between ACC coaches and 20th century Russian notables. I’ll happily take nominations for that.\

\ And perhaps someone should follow the lead of this store and create a shirt that says “IN SOVIET ACC, HEADSET WEARS YOU!!”\

\ That would be quite the sight and certainly could get some funny remarks – if only someone in the league could publicly comment about it.\

\ – Patrick Stevens