The Washington Times - October 28, 2007, 10:59AM

\ Clemson was the better team. Much better. It was evident not far into the game, and the final score did not accurate indicate the chasm between the teams.\


\ No one will ever know just how good Maryland would have been without all of its injuries. It makes providing critical analysis from this point forward a bit tougher, simply because the options available shrink every week.\

\ Someone asked me yesterday why Ralph would put in ailing left tackle Scott Burley and his bum right ankle when Bruce Campbell got hurt. The reality was he didn’t have much choice, though he ultimately called on walk-on Paul Pinegar to finish out the game. Ralph said as much after the game, indicating he would have preferred to sit Burley the entire game and get him ready for this week’s trip to North Carolina.\

\ At this point, 6-6 is probably this group’s upside. It would probably be enough to secure a date in Nashville or Boise or San Francisco, and enough to get the Terps an extra month of practice. It might also delay any changes that could potentially occur after the season, simply because the season would be longer.\

\ No matter what, the next month will probably be a dicey one for the Terps. If they get to six wins, it will probably be in harrowing fashion. If they don’t, then the promise of their 4-2 start will be lost in a 1-5 (at best) finish. \

\ With more performances like yesterday’s, the latter will become the more likely scenario.\

\ —- Patrick Stevens