The Washington Times - October 7, 2007, 06:23PM

\ This week? Nothing, apparently because of a high ankle sprain for the oft-injured Scott.\

\ “Mostly, it’s his ankles,” coach Ralph Friedgen said. “I guess he’s like a thoroughbred. When he’s well. he definitely helps us - and not only on special teams.”\


\ (Credit to Ralph for keeping the analogy to simply “a thoroughbred.” During camp last season, he compared one hurting player to “what’s the name of that horse” - meaning star-crossed Kentucky Derby champion Barbaro).\

\ Back to Ralph on Scott:\

\ “I didn’t remember him getting hurt against Rutgers,” he said. “He came in [last] Sunday and said he had a high ankle sprain and didn’t practice all week. I thought he was a little bit better during warm-ups, but he’s having trouble cutting. I hope with the week off, he should be ready by the next week if he doesn’t re-injure it.”\

\ With Scott, that’s a definite concern. As much as fans (not to mention Ralph) are mesmerized by his speed , his impact will be limited so long as he is fending off nagging injuries seemingly every other week.\

\ — Patrick Stevens