The Washington Times - October 9, 2007, 07:31PM
Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

\ If you saw any shots of Erin Henderson on the sideline the other day, you’d think he might be a worthy successor to the esteemed Mr. Tate.\


\ Here was Ralph Friedgen’s take on Henderson’s week on the bench - both at the team hotel Friday night and his sideline work on Saturday:\


“Erin did a heck of a job of coaching. We had him on the trip and I didn’t know if he wanted to come on the trip. I told Chris [Cosh] I didn’t really want anyone at the hotel that didn’t want to be there. He was almost insulted that we were going to take him off the trip. He said he wanted to be there for [backup] Rick [Costa] and that he wanted to room with Rick and wanted to have Rick ready. Then he was on the field. I had to laugh. He was screaming at the defense ‘You want to get off the field? Stop ‘em on third down.’ I had to laugh because I can remember him out there and me yelling that to him and he was dying. He was into the game all the way and he was coaching the kids up.”

\ Terry Tate might have had some nifty rhyme to go with the encouraging words. Guess that’s something Henderson can work on.\

\ – Patrick Stevens