The Washington Times - December 10, 2008, 01:21PM

Does it matter where a coordinator is stationed during a game?

If he’s in the press box, then there isn’t instant communication with players going in and out of the game. If he’s on the field, he doesn’t have a wide-angle view of things.


Chris Cosh spent his three seasons as Maryland’s defensive coordinator on the sideline. His main set of eyes in the sky belonged to Al Seamonson.

Now that Seamonson is the Terrapins’ interim defensive coordinator, he could stay where he’s been for some time —- or move down to the field for the Dec. 30 Humanitarian Bowl.

“Right now, if i had my plans, I would not change, just because I’ve been up there and I’d like to focus on our down and distance, what our personnel groups are, our game plan and to be able to call it without getting caught up in the emotion of the game down on the field,” Seamonson said. “Especially in Game 13 when I’ve been up there the whole time. I don’t want to be distracted down there.”

And make no mistake, there are distractions on the sideline.

Coach Ralph Friedgen has joked about Seamonson’s steady tone while noting down and distance from the press box, regardless of the situation. And it’s no secret Cosh and defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo could seem like a pair of SuperBalls bouncing all over the place the last few seasons.

So that’s a minor detail to be sorted out in the next few days. But Seamonson would probably do a better job with what he’s more comfortable with, and he’ll always have the maniacal Sollazzo to relay calls at field level.

“He does the majority of our stuff down on the field, without saying what we do,” Seamonson said. “That wouldn’t affect anything whether I’m up or down.”

—- Patrick Stevens