The Washington Times - December 11, 2008, 10:23PM

One last entry before I wrap up for the night.

Georgetown‘s lacrosse team —- the same Georgetown team that narrowly missed the NCAA tournament last year —- is again the favorite in the ECAC.


It’s also the last time that will happen, since Big East lacrosse thankfully starts play in 2010, lending a heavyweight name to a sport that could use one or two.

But for now, the Hoyas will look to begin another streak of NCAA appearances, and winning the ECAC would ensure that would happen.

The coaches’ vote indicated Loyola is probably the Hoyas’ best competition, and that makes sense. The Greyhounds won the ECAC last year and have at least re-emerged as a competitive program under Charley Toomey.

Anyway, the Hoyas —- who are simply littered with talent, especially in a deep junior class including Andrew Brancaccio, Craig Dowd and Barney Ehrmann —- will probably be a preseason top-10 team. I can already hear some of my lacrosse press box colleagues anointing Georgetown as a final four sleeper. It certainly could happen, though it sure would help if they could make it through the conference unscathed.

Here, by the way, is the rundown of the coaches’ voting in the league (which, if my math is correct, appears to have been done on a 7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0 scale), with first place votes in parentheses:

1. Georgetown (5), 47
2. Loyola (3), 43
3t. Penn State, 33
3t. Rutgers, 33
5. Massachusetts, 29
6. Fairfield, 14
7. Hobart, 13
8. St. John’s, 12

—- Patrick Stevens