The Washington Times - December 31, 2008, 01:28PM

BOISE, Idaho —- Well, time to turn this into a travel blog for a moment, since it appears I’ll be spending New Year’s in an airport somewhere in western part of the country.

That’s because the plane that was supposed to go from Boise to Salt Lake City has “mechanical problems.”



There’s two bits of irony here.

One, I usually take the earliest flight out of town possible on a road trip. This, along with a penchant for staying as close to airports as possible, tends to elicit a roll of the eyes from colleagues who understandably like (a) sleep and (b) staying close to something remotely interesting. This time, I opted for a late-morning flight. Oops. Turns out the earlier flight —- through Las Vegas —- will arrive in Baltimore early.

Two, I was surrounded by Maryland players, coaches and support personnel when I arrived at the airport today. Their team charter —- the one direct flight from Boise to Baltimore —- took off about an hour or so ago, and I joked that I wish I had been on that flight.

In retrospect, that shouldn’t have been a joke. Not at all.

Anyway, this would be a great time for a mailbag question or two. Hit me up at if there’s anything on your mind, whether it has to do with football, basketball, lacrosse, whatever.

—- Patrick Stevens