The Washington Times - November 19, 2008, 12:13PM

If a Wednesday morning is going poorly, I know I can count on the 10 minutes Bobby Bowden is on the ACC teleconference to provide a little cheer.

The man’s won 380 games in his career, so he knows what he’s talking about. And along with that gaudy record is the right to pretty much say what’s on his mind in his own unique way.


So there’s an ACC injury report? Big deal. He just comes out and says what’s happening with Florida State’s ailing or potentially missing players.

They include safeties Darius McClure (out—knee) and Myron Rolle (interviewing for a Rhodes Scholarship), as well as left tackle Andrew Datko (who could play).

More from Bowden…

On Rolle’s interview:

“It means a lot to us and means a whole lot to me. We’ve had Heisman Trophy winners, Thorpe winners, Butkus winners and Unitas winners. I don’t know anything higher than to have a player who is the recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship. It’d be a thrill to me. I know it’d be a thrill for him, but it’d be a thrill for me.”

On whether five wideouts suspended last week could play if there’s no updated report from police:

“I’ll play them. They’ve had their punishment.”

On the anointed successor route the Seminoles (Jimbo Fisher) and Texas (Will Muschamp) have taken:

“This has worked out good here. It’s comforting to me. I don’t have any plans of getting out right now. It’s comforting to me knowing I can when I want to and eveyrthing is set. Texas elt the same way. I think we’ll see more of that. We’ve had lots of people call us about that.”

Patrick Stevens