The Washington Times - November 28, 2008, 09:55AM

Time for the least surprising item of the week.

Maryland’s offense does not stack up very well statistically against Boston College’s defense.


Like I said, not a surprise at all.

But nevertheless, I’ll go ahead and go through this little exercise once again, if for no other reason than to show exactly how good the Eagles are on that side of the ball.

* Maryland rushing offense vs. Boston College rush defense: The Terps rank 62nd nationally while averaging 147.3 rushing yards. The Eagles rank seventh nationally while yielding 95.8 rushing yards a game.

As good as the Eagles are against the run this year, they were even better last season. Still, attempting to establish the run first would seem to be a foolish approach against Boston College, even if the Eagles are stingy against the pass, too.

* Maryland passing offense vs. Boston College pass defense: The Terps rank 76th nationally while averaging 193.6 yards.  The Eagles rank 17th nationally yielding 173.8 yards a game.

Boston College is also fourth in the country in pass efficiency defense, though Maryland shredded a Wake Forest team that entered College Park first in the nation in that category earlier this season. (Wake, by the way, now ranks 28th in that category).

The Terps won’t be helped if Darrius Heyward-Bey (questionable) can’t go. But of the two ways to move the ball, this is probably somewhat more promising.

* Boston College rushing offense vs. Maryland rush defense: The Eagles rank 56th nationally while averaging 149.0 yards. The Terps rank 72nd nationally while yielding 147.1 yards a game.

Looks like a push to me. Of the four matchups, this seems like the least likely to determine the game’s outcome, though Boston College will no doubt attempt to replicate the ease with which Florida State pounded the Terps’ rush defense last week.

* Boston College passing offense vs. Maryland pass defense: The Eagles rank 97th nationally while averaging 170.5 yards. The Terps rank 67th nationally while yielding 211.3 yards a game.

Boston College is breaking in a first-time starting quarterback (Dominique Davis), and Maryland’s pass defense improved since some ugly early performances. Boston College will probably have an impressive drive or two, but the onus of this game will be on Maryland’s offense to move the ball and not give the Eagles any points.

Patrick Stevens