The Washington Times - September 22, 2008, 01:33PM

I was all ready to throw together a chart on how stunning it is that Florida State hasn’t cracked double digits in its last two home games with Wake Forest —- a 30-0 loss in 2006, and Saturday’s 12-3 uglyfest.

But the fact is I don’t need a chart. Since Bobby Bowden arrived in Tallahassee in 1976, those are the only two times the Seminoles didn’t score at least 10 points at home.


Wow. Jim Grobe is magic.

(That would also be an appopriate title for a stand-up routine if Sarah Silverman ever decided to dabble in football humor).

Anyway, that’s one chart that’s unnecessary. But how about a list of the Seminoles’ single-digit performances under Bowden? That’ll help, right? OK, here goes:

0: 1976, L, 47-0 at Miami
0: 1988, L, 31-0 at Miami
0: 2006, L, 30-0 vs. Wake Forest

2: 2001 Orange Bowl, L, 13-2 vs. Oklahoma (2000 season)

3: 1978, L, 7-3 at Pittsburgh
3: 1981, L, 35-3 at Florida
3: 2008, L, 12-3 vs. Wake Forest

7: 1980 Orange Bowl, L, 24-7 vs. Oklahoma (1979 season)
7: 1998, L, 24-7 at N.C. State
7: 2002, L, 17-7 at N.C. State
7: 2005, L, 34-7 at Florida

9: 1976, L, 24-9 at Oklahoma
9: 1980, L, 10-9 at Miami
9: 1991, L, 14-9 at Florida
9: 2001, L, 41-9 at North Carolina

So framed another way, Wake Forest has kept the Seminoles in single digits just as many times in its last two trips to Tallahassee as the entire country managed to between the start of the 1982 season and the opening weekend of the 1998 season —- a span of 195 games.

And one more way: Grobe and Barry Switzer are the only coaches whose teams have twice held a Bowden-led Seminoles team to less than 10 points.

—- Patrick Stevens