The Washington Times - September 22, 2008, 12:59PM

Originally, the plan was to provide a rundown of Maryland’s special teams units two games into the season.

The the Terrapins lost to Middle Tennessee, creating a crazy week.


Then the Terps beat California, creating another crazy week.

So now I’m getting back around to special teams.

And, of course, the units I have are subject to change. In fact, kickoff coverage is definitely different because Dominique Herald is done for the year with an ACL tear in his right knee.

One thing these numbers indicate for certain: The Terps are making a clear effort to get some long-time special teams contributors who also log serious snaps on defense a chance to rest. And that means a lot less of Jeff Allen and Moise Fokou on special teams.

Anyway, here’s the long-promised rundown…


37-Chism | 29-Allen | 27-Herald | 48-Fokou | 38-Jackson | 39-Egekeze | 53-Sule | 4-McCollough | 88-McCree | 20-Perez | 18-Tate

I noted that 52-Schultz subbed for Jackson later in the game; did not take note of who replaced Herald.


43-Costa | 29-Allen | 51-Ball | 7-Cannon | 20-Perez
45-T. Galt | 38-Jackson | 13-Gronkowski
24-Tyler | 18-Tate
82-T. Smith


This isn’t in any specific order like the kickoff teams, but Saturday’s gunners were Kevin Barnes and Michael Carter.

2-Barnes, 7-Cannon, 26-Carter, 29-Allen, 31-Schmitt, 34-Philistin, 35-Baltz, 38-Jackson, 44-Bullock, 48-Fokou, 54-Moten


This one’s incomplete, and injuries didn’t exactly help in lining everyone up. But these guys were definitely in on the punt late in the third quarter:

2-Barnes, 4-McCollough, 15-Walker, 17-Oquendo, 18-Tate, 53-Sule, 54-Moten, 82-T. Smith, 88-McCree

Obviously, two guys are missing. I’ll keep an eye out for this unit on Saturday


This was the group that, for the most part, was in for the PAT to make it 17-0:

13-Gronkowski, 30-H. Brown, 31-Schmitt, 35-Baltz, 39-Egekeze, 45-T. Galt, 46-Pfister, 60-E. Williams, 67-Griffin, 72-P. Costa, 75-Randolph


These guys were in for Eastern Michigan’s final PAT attempt:

2-Barnes, 4-McCollough, 6-Wiseman, 18-Tate, 33-Wujciak, 34-Philistin, 54-Moten, 55-Covington, 57-Harrell, 96-Otulaja, 97-Muhtadi

—- Patrick Stevens