The Washington Times - September 22, 2008, 03:56PM

Here’s an abbreviated version of the statistical breakdown from Saturday. The full play-calling breakdown should return next week when I have all my files and templates shifted to my soon-to-arrive laptop.

One number that is worth calling attention to: Chris Turners performance on third down. The junior is 20-for-26 for 254 yards and a score on third down, good for a passer rating of 171.68. The yardage might not be Chase Daniel-like, but the completion percentage certainly is.


Something else that merits a mention is the percentage of throws to Darrius Heyward-Bey. The junior was targeted on 23 out of 95 passes in nonconference play, or nearly one in four. That’s probably about right. Go below 20 percent and clearly the offense’s top threat isn’t involved enough. Inch too far over 25 percent and things get a bit too predictable.

That should be considered one of the early successes of the Terps’ offense.

TOUCHES vs. EMU Season
Da’Rel ScottDNP59
Davin Meggett931
Darrius Heyward-Bey517
Morgan Green1215
Dan Gronkowski28
Danny Oquendo37
Cory Jackson25
Ronnie Tyler14
Lansford Watson04
Isaiah Williams24
Torrey Smith23
Adrian Cannon02
LaQuan WilliamsDNP2
Haroon Brown01
LOOKS (Targets/Catches)vs. EMU Season
Darrius Heyward-Bey7 (3)23 (12)
Danny Oquendo4 (3)11 (7)
Dan Gronkowski2 (2)10 (8)
Da’Rel ScottDNP8 (3)
Isaiah Williams4 (2)8 (4)
Torrey Smith2 (2)6 (3)
Ronnie Tyler1 (1)6 (4)
Cory Jackson3 (2)4 (3)
Lansford Watson0 (0)4 (4)
LaQuan WilliamsDNP4 (2)
Adrian Cannon0 (0)3 (2)
Davin Meggett1 (1)3 (2)
Haroon Brown0 (0)1 (1)
Morgan Green0 (0)1 (1)
RED ZONE LOOKS/TOUCHES (vs. Cal)RunsTargetsTotalNotes
Morgan Green808* 2 TD
Davin Meggett415 
Josh Portis303* TD
Dan Gronkowski022* TD
Darrius Heyward-Bey022 
Cory Jackson011 
Chris Turner1001



Davin Meggett9110* 2 TD
Morgan Green808* 2 TD
Da’Rel Scott404* TD
Darrius Heyward-Bey246* TD rush
Dan Gronkowski044* 2 TD
Josh Portis303* TD
Chris Turner213 
TEAM kneel202 
Cory Jackson011 
Torrey Smith011 
Pass interference
Anthony Wiseman
Excessive celebration
Unsportsmanlike conduct
Jamari McCollough
TAKEAWAYSType, QNext drive (Plays, yards, time, result)
Jamari McColloughINT, 110-80-4:57, TD
Adrian MotenINT, 25-47-1:41, TD
Jamari McColloughINT, 41-(-3)-0:03, GAME
GIVEAWAYSType, QNext drive (Plays, yards, time, result)
Chris TurnerINT, 21-(-2)-0:08, HALF
Chris TurnerINT, 44-1-0:55, DOWNS
QBs by down (vs. EMU)
Chris Turner15-23-212, 2 TD, 2 INT
First3-8-78, TD, INT
Second4-6-25, INT
Third8-9-109, TD
Josh Portis0-1
First0-0, 0
Second0-0, 0
Third0-1, 0
Danny Oquendo1-1-43, TD
First1-1-43, TD
Second0-0, 0
Third0-0, 0
QBs by down (season) 
Jordan Steffy10-18-115, 2 INT
First3-8, 46, INT
Second3-3, 29
Third4-6, 40
Fourth0-1, INT
Chris Turner44-73, 586, 5 TD, 5 INT
First11-27, 214, 2 TD, 4 INT
Second13-20, 118, 2 TD, INT
Third20-26, 254, TD
Josh Portis1-2, 4
First1-1, 4
Second0-0, 0
Third0-1, 0
Da’Rel Scott0-1, 0
First0-1, 0
Second0-0, 0
Third0-0, 0
Danny Oquendo1-1-43, TD
First1-1-43, TD
Second0-0, 0
Third0-0, 0
Chris Turner46-348174-1018
Jordan Steffy0-044-329
Josh Portis13-13827-190

Patrick Stevens