The Washington Times - September 22, 2008, 09:31AM

It hasn’t taken long for some preseason favorites to contend for BCS berths to fall by the wayside.

That comment is mainly directed at West Virginia, which already has to be wondering whether it made the right choice in elevating interim coach Bill Stewart to the top job just hours after the Mountaineers drilled Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.


It was a quiet week toward the top of the rankings (the SEC’s Tiger Tangle notwithstanding). Things should start getting a bit more mixed up in the next few Saturdays.

As a reminder for the D1scourse 30, any overtime game is treated as a tie while coming up with these rankings. Key wins and losses are also noted to help provide a framework for measuring accomplishment and making sure teams are slotted correctly. For example, there is no way a 3-1 (in real life) East Carolina team should be behind a 3-1 Virginia Tech team when the Pirates defeated the Hokies on an allegedly neutral field only a few weeks ago.

No./TeamAdj. record 
1. Southern California 2-011* Win vs. Ohio State (H)
2. Oklahoma3-022* Win vs. Cincinnati (H)
3. Louisiana State
3-054* Win at Auburn 
4. Georgia4-035* Wins at South Carolina, Arizona State 
5. Missouri4-063* Win vs. Illinois (N)
6. Florida3-046* Win at Tennessee 
7. Texas3-077*
8. Alabama4-088* Win vs. Clemson (N) and Arkansas (A)
9. Penn State
4-01212* 45+ points in every game
10. Texas Tech4-01010*
11. Brigham Young
4-01113* Outscored foes last two weeks 103-0
12. Wisconsin3-0911* Won at Fresno State
13. Auburn3-1159*
14. Ohio State
3-11417* Loss at Southern Cal
15. South Florida
3-0-11316* OT win at UCF; defeated Kansas (H)
16. Wake Forest
3-01619* Won at Baylor, Florida State
17. Utah4-01718*
18. Boise State
3-01928* Won at Oregon
19. Clemson3-12020* Loss to Alabama (N)
20. Kansas3-11821* Loss at South Florida
21. Texas Christian
4-02422* Visit Oklahoma on Saturday
22. Illinois2-12223* Neutral loss to Missouri 
23. Colorado2-0-129NR* OT win vs. West Virginia (H)
24. East Carolina
3-0-12314* OT loss at N.C. State; beat Va. Tech (N)
25. Tuisa3-032NR*
26. Oregon2-1-12615* OT win at Purdue; loss to Boise St. (H)
27. Virginia Tech
3-12830* Loss to East Carolina (N)
28. Miami2-133NR* Loss at Florida
29. Fresno State
1-1-12525* OT win at Toledo; loss to Wisconsin (H)
30. Ball State
4-032NR* Injured WR Love a big loss

Patrick Stevens