The Washington Times - September 28, 2008, 07:20AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —- The morning after is a little foggy.

Well, more like misty.


Either way, Maryland is 4-1 and all that talk of contending for an ACC title doesn’t sound so silly.

There’s no reason to say the Terrapins will sweep through October and emerge at 7-1 in time to face defending Coastal Division champ Virginia Tech. But it could happen.

Virginia, clearly, is not good in the slightest, though it should be somewhat more competent at home. Wake Forest is better than it showed yesterday, but Maryland will have two weeks to get ready for the Demon Deacons. N.C. State is injury-decimated, and its victory over East Carolina just got devalued yesterday.

Now, this is Maryland, so no one should expect a clean sweep. But 2-1 would be about right, and that would still leave the Terps 6-2 overall and 3-1 in the ACC entering November and a Thursday showdown in Blacksburg. And that wouldn’t be a bad place to be.

It’s a scenario all made possible by yesterday’s 20-17 victory at Clemson, as the Terps snatched one of the two games that looked close to unwinnable in the preseason.

It’s not quite a dead horse yet, but this Jekyll-and-Hyde thing really is amazing, which makes you wonder if Maryland also has an epic meltdown in them. I’ll put nothing past the Terps one way or the other, especially after the defense went from sieve to stout after halftime.

* Eric Prisbell of the Washington Post looks at the turnaround after Maryland was fortunate to trail by 11 at halftime.

* The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Barker wrote Maryland silenced a crowd of 81,500 with its rally.

* Larry Williams of the Charleston Post and Courier relays this comment from Clemson wideout Aaron Kelly: “We gave that game away.” Tough to argue with Kelly’s assessment.

* The (Columbia) State’s Paul Strelow wonders if Clemson will even be in the Atlantic Division race after this loss. Columnist Ron Morris of The State has seen this sort of debacle on annual basis under Tommy Bowden’s watch.

—- Patrick Stevens