The Washington Times - October 26, 2009, 02:05PM

This afternoon, Maryland plays a JV game against Fork Union Military Academy.

There’s a few reasons to be remotely interested in what happens in College Park, among them …


* Two linebackers who signed with Maryland last year —- David Mackall (No. 12) and Lorne Goree (No. 32) —- are on Fork Union’s roster. In parentheses are their jersey numbers, at least according to the Fork Union website.

* There’s a chance at a preview of some players. Tackle Justin Gilbert tops this list. But Ralph Friedgen also said Maurice Hampton could see time on the defensive line. Interesting.

* More Wild Turtle than you could possibly want. Scout team defensive back Anthony Green will play quarterback, as he did in the spring. Tony Logan, who is eligible because he missed a few games earlier in the season, will be his backup.

* Whether, as Friedgen said yesterday, the Terps can “just get through it” without more injuries.

“It’s a game I schedule really for the guys on the scour team who just go out and give us a good look,” Friedgen said. “They just need to play football and enjoy themselves and have a good time. Last year, I did it more because we had a lot of linemen we redshirted and wanted to get them experience. When I watched how much fun they had and how our varsity guys supported them, I thought that was a real good morale thing. Even though it stretches you, I’m still willing to do it. Hopefully the kids want it. I hope they don’t look at it as a burden. I would hope they look at it as an opportunity to go out and play football.”

—- Patrick Stevens