The Washington Times - October 6, 2009, 10:59AM

Last week, it was noted Chris Turner‘s performance against Rutgers was one of the worst of his career. And that’s still true.

But he followed it up Saturday with a crisp outing, arguably one of the most efficient of his career.


And this probably shouldn’t be a surprise, even if it was a mild eye-opening considering the voracious defensive line he encountered against Clemson.

Why? Because of the five games listed as his worst games, all but one were followed by undeniably superb days that meant a great deal to the Terps

Take a peek:

Game C-A Yards   
07-at N.C. State
10-17 255 1 0 0 204.24
08-California 15-19 156 2 0 0 182.65
08-Wake Forest
28-41 321 1 0 0 142.11
08-at Boston College  
33-57 360 2 2 0 115.51
09-Clemson 19-26   
215 2 0 0 167.92  

Obviously, that Boston College performance was a byproduct of an inability to run coupled with a second-half deficit. But the rest of them are among Turner’s finest on-field moments.

But the timing of those outings stands out. Odd? Maybe. But perhaps also a reminder one week really hasn’t had much bearing on the next for the Terps or their quarterback over the last few seasons.

—- Patrick Stevens