The Washington Times - December 13, 2011, 05:57PM

Instead of six posts with various odd tidbits, here’s the need-to-know info on Maryland basketball from today compressed into one place. …

* Guard Terrell Stoglin, who leads the ACC in scoring at 22.5 points per game, missed practice Thursday and Friday with an ankle injury. He practiced at roughly 80 percent on Monday.


Maryland (5-3) faces Florida International (3-6) on Wednesday at Comcast Center.

“I expect him to [play],” coach Mark Turgeon said. “This is new to me. I’ve coached Terrell eight games and 35 practices, or whatever. The competitor I know he  is, I just hope he’s 100 percent.”

* Requisite Pe’Shon Howard update: He’s out of a walking boot, he has an orthotic in his shoe and has done some shooting and fast-break drills (though nothing live).

* Turgeon continued to praise the work of center Berend Weijs, who has started the last four games.

“I think Berend is having a heck of a year,” Turgeon said. “Berend wasn’t very good the other night, but for a kid who didn’t play last year, I think he’s having a good year.”

* At a couple junctures of his media session Tuesday, Turgeon asked “Do I look tired?”

Well, truthfully, yes.

“I have a busy calendar,” Turgeon said. “I think it’s one of those deals where we don’t have games I’m busier because I’m recruiting, I’m doing this function, I’m speaking here, I’m speaking there. After we barely beat Mount St. Mary’s, I screamed at three or four of my assistants and said ‘I don’t want anything else on my calendar.’ So I have a few things on my calendar coming up here in the next week, and that sucker is going to be clear except for recruiting and basketball.

“I told my AD that. I’ve told our fundraising guys that. Let me coach my team. I know there’s responsibilities that come with everything. When you’re new on a job, you don’t say no to many things. And I want to be a dad, and I want to be a good husband. A lot comes into play.”

* Turgeon plans to rework the timing of nonconference games in the future.

“I don’t like that we play on the 28th, the 31st and the 3rd,” Turgeon said. “I wish we played on the 29th and the 4th so I could have a bunch of practices. Instead, we’re going to be preparing for Samford and Cornell instead of working on Maryland. We’ll still work on Maryland, but not as much as I’d like to work on Maryland.”

That also includes tweaking the last game before Christmas as well.

“I wish we would have played Saturday [the 10th], I wish we were playing Wednesday and I wish we weren’t playing on the 23rd, to be quite honest with you,” Turgeon said. “I’m sure you guys feel the same way. I promise you, next year we won’t have a 23rd and the 28th. If we do, somebody’s going to get fired on my staff. We will have a big Christmas break.”

—- Patrick Stevens