The Washington Times - July 24, 2011, 11:58PM

PINEHURST, N.C. —- Loyal readers might remember this breakdown of media picks at the ACC’s football kickoff measured against the actual outcome during the league’s expansion era.

Well, with this year’s ballots in and an announcement set for tomorrow, here’s an updated glance:



School Avg. Pick
Avg. Finish
Vs. Pick  
Boston College   
3.33 2.25 +1.08
Wake Forest
4.50 3.83 +0.67
Maryland 5.00 4.42 +0.58
N.C. State
4.50 4.75 -0.25
Clemson 2.33 3.08 -0.75
Florida State
1.33 2.67 -1.33


It’s worth noting that the Atlantic went against its overall trend last year more than it confirmed it. Florida State fulfilled its first-place prediction instead of failing to live up to expectations. N.C. State (picked fourth) tied for second. Boston College (picked third) tied for fourth, while Wake Forest (picked fifth) wound up in last. Heading into last year, Maryland was dead even over five seasons; the Terrapins’ tie for second shot them into positive territory in besting the forecast of the scribes.

Only Clemson offered something predictable. Of note: The Tigers’ history is to exceed expectations in odd-numbered years and stumble in even-numbered years. Perhaps that’s just one more bit of support for the D1scourse-dubbed phenomenon of “Clemsonliness.”


School Avg. Pick Avg. Finish Vs. Pick 
Georgia Tech
3.00 2.17 +0.83
Duke 5.83 5.75 +0.08
Virginia 4.50 4.42 +0.08
North Carolina
4.00 4.00 0.00
Virginia Tech
1.17 1.42 -0.25
Miami 2.50 3.25 -0.75


Not much has changed here, since the scribes mostly got it right last year. Third- and fourth-place picks Georgia Tech and North Carolina tied for third in 2010, while Duke (picked to finish something other than last for the first time since 1999) and Virginia (picked sixth) checked in with 1-7 records.

There’s not much to read into Duke, North Carolina and Virginia. Realistically, the same goes for Virginia Tech, which hasn’t finished worse than second since the ACC adopted its divisional format in 2005.

—- Patrick Stevens