The Washington Times - May 29, 2011, 09:25AM

BALTIMORE —- Late last week, it was noted here this year’s lacrosse final four featured just one first team All-America selection.

Well, it gets better. Should Maryland defeat Virginia on Monday, it would become the first team in the tournament’s 41-season history to collect a title without a first team All-American.


Even more curious, Virginia (with attackman Steele Stanwick) would join this exceptionally brief list of champions with just one first-team pick:

1986 North Carolina (D Tom Haus)
1996 Princeton (A Jesse Hubbard)
2007 Hopkins (M Paul Rabil)
2010 Duke (A Ned Crotty)

And as for whether Maryland is a true anomaly? Well, it’s not like a team with two second-team selections (Brian Farrell and Brett Schmidt) and two third-team honorees (Joe Cummings and Ryan Young) is completely bereft of talent. But two other teams in the past decade —- 2002 Princeton and 2010 Notre Dame —- made it to Memorial Day without a first team All-American.

Both of those teams, by the way, lost in the title game by a goal.

—- Patrick Stevens