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Time for the post last week forgot …




That’s four straight games with the same kickoff coverage unit, which is ranked 73rd in the country (which is a whole lot better than 119th, which was the case last year). Maryland is yielding 21.7 yards per return, down from 25.9 in 2011.

The Terrapins are doing it with five defensive backs (20-Anthony Nixon, 21-Sean Davis, 23-Makinton Dorleant, 25-Dexter McDougle and 48-Eric Franklin), three linebackers (9-Demetrius Hartsfield, 52-Darin Drakeford and 53-L.A Goree), a tight end (81-Ryan Schlothauer), a wideout (10-Tyrek Cheeseboro) and a kicker (15-Brad Craddock).


10-89-86-20 / 3-12 / 39-81 / 5-44 / 1

There were three changes here, one of which was injury-related. Nixon subbed in for 13-Kerry Boykins, who was hurt and did not play against West Virginia. 5-Albert Reid and 44-Justus Pickett replaced the combination of 4-Wes Brown and 82-Marcus Leak as the guys in front of 1-Stefon Diggs.

Maryland ranks 21st in the country in kickoff returns at 26.2 yards an attempt, up from 99th (19.9 yards an attempt) a year ago.


Punter: 18-Nathan Renfro
Snapper: 59-Greg Parcher
Punt wall: 47-Cole Farrand, 20-Anthony Nixon, 86-Dave Stinebaugh

Blockers: 10-21-41-48-81-89

Looks like the notable change here was 10-Cheeseboro taking the place of 23-Dorleant.

Maryland is ranked 104th in punt return defense at 11.8 yards a return, down from 35th (6.2 yards per return) a season ago. The Terps are 83rd in net punting (35.8), down from 52nd (37.0) in 2011.


Returner: 1-Diggs
Second safety: 82-Leak

Blockers: 3-8-10-20-21-23-44-81-86

The Terps subbed in Leak for Dexter McDougle as the second safety.

As for personnel tweaks, 44-Justus Pickett took the injured Boykins’ spot on this unit.

Overall, Maryland is 36th nationally in punt return average at 11.8 yards per return. That’s a bump up from 99th (5.28 yards a return) last fall.


Kicker: 15-Craddock
Holder: 18-Renfro
Snapper: 59-Parcher

Line: 34-89-74-63-68-75-81-49

Fullback 49-Tyler Cierski resumed his field goal/PAT duties after missing the Connecticut game with injury. 68-Josh Cary was observed on both extra points in the first half; 67-Pete White was at that spot against UConn and 70-De’Onte Arnett was there the first two games.


Game 1: William & Mary
Game 2:
Game 3: Connecticut

—- Patrick Stevens